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Groundwork Training - Practices for good team collaboration
Connecting Scotland
Date: 2017-11-01

Location : Killin

Event : The practice of Groundwork is about much more than just being well organised.
It can be practised at the individual, team and organisational level
and in all cases, it invites a focus on that which is less visible or that happens underground, beneath the surface of our
awareness. This includes:
» the ongoing work of strengthening personal and collective leadership practices.
» a focus on quality of relationships and hosting or tending to the social field.
» holding the bigger perspective while defining and navigating long-term purpose and strategy.
» understanding the dynamics of power and love
» working consciously with resources and money

What will you get out of the training?
By participating in this training you will be introduced to the
core elements of Groundwork practice. Groundwork is both
a personal and collective practice which can be integrated
and applied to any aspect of life.
In particular, the training will explore:
» How do we build a solid foundation for powerful collaboration?
» How could we practice more harmonious ways of organising
ourselves, each other and the work that matters?
» How do we invite others in a humane, real and artful way?
» How do we create inspired and connected teams, committed to
creating meaningful impact?
» How do we create structures that reflect and support the deeper
purpose of the need and purpose we are serving?
» Where has this worked before, and what are good stories of
application that can inspire and strengthen our work?

Who should come?
This training is specifically designed for people working in teams
that are interested in working more with process, participation and
engagement. We encourage teams to attend together and to bring
a concrete project which can be used as a focus for the practice.
That being said, you are welcome to come as an individual or as a
Groundwork is for you, if you :
» Have an idea or goal you want to achieve
» Are leading or working within a team tasked with delivering a project or
» Work within Government or Business
» Serve on a Board of Directors
» Work or volunteer with nonprofit or grassroots organisations
» Work with Social Enterprise
» Are an Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur
» Need to grow connections with people in similar questions

Standard: £575 / €650 (teams of 3 or more receive a 15% discount)
Standard Plus: £650 / €730 (Includes contribution to scholarship fund)
Scholarship: £355 / €400 (Limited number available by application only)
The training fee covers:
» Training instruction, materials and resources
» Shared accommodation at the Killin Highland Lodges (alternative private accommodation is available locally but this needs to be booked individually by the participant)
» Refreshments, teas/coffees, lunches (shared dinners are optional and to be covered by the participant)

To register go here: https://goo.gl/forms/1S6j3P4TwQrzdAXR2

Website: http://thegroundwork.weebly.com/two-day-training-nov-scotland.html

Contact : Pamela Galbraith

Email Address : groundworkscotland@gmail.com 

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